The EKS Co. Portfolio

As an experienced pump and Mechanical seal’s manufacturer, it’s our product portfolio includes the following:

Mechanical seal system: as a company in Iran that has 18 years’ experience in this field, we can say, EKS Co. has developed services for all problems in sealing systems. We observe the API 682 standard in our products, and we are proud that we work with Iranian refineries, petrochemicals, and other largest companies.

Centrifugal pumps: our products in this field include in below categories:

2.1. Acid transfer pumps (wetted parts materials are PP, PPH, PVDF, HPDE, PE, PE1000.)

2.2. Process pumps, we can undoubtedly make these with a wide range of materials (for more information go to

2.3. Slurry pumps, the components of this pump, and wetted parts are 24% Cr Fc material.

2.4. Repair centrifugal pumps.

2.5. Made the complete pump and spare parts of pumps with the method of reverse engineering as a customer order

Our other products are as below:

Agitator: it is possible to make an agitator (Body, Cartridge seal, shaft…) and we had several projects in this field with Iranian companies and some Middle East oil field companies. The shaft sizes which we can produce are between 80 mm to 125 mm. (for more information, please feel free to contact us with

Carbon parts for Graphite heat exchangers include heat exchanger blocks, Header Blocks, and gaskets.

Hydroforming bellows for control valves, safety valves, and ….